Carolina Ready Rigs

Top Brass’s Carolina Ready Rigs contain all the components needed in one easy-to-use arrangement.  The combination of Top Brass's brass weights, glass beads, and Pro-Tickers creates the loudest Carolina rig ever.


Available in 1/4 oz., 5/16 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., & 1 oz. sizes in brass and black finishes.

Croaker Clicker

The Croaker Clicker was developed to mimic the sound of live croaker, a favorite food of red fish and speckled trout.    Snap your favorite hook to the swivel and hook your favorite live or plastic bait to the hook.   Give your rod occasional quick jerks and shakes to make the beads and tickers click together creating the life-like sounds of the croaker.

The Carolina Ticker

Add this thin brass disc and a glass bead to any Texas or Carolina rig sinkers to produce the noise-making advantages of brass-on-glass.  For a more effective rig, use a Top Brass brass sinker to produce the sound of brass-on-glass-on-brass.


Available in brass and black finishes.

The Pro-Ticker

This derivative of the Carolina Ticker is designed specifically for Carolina Rigs.  The large recessed cavity on one side rests over the knot, directly onto the swivel, protecting the knot from potential damage caused by the bead or sinker.  Fish-attracting sound also is produced from the impact of the sinker or bead against the Pro-Ticker.


Available in brass and black finishes.

Carolina Brass

Carolina Brass contains all the components to create your own Carolina Rig.  Each pack contains 1/2 oz. brass Carolina weights, beads, and swivels.

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