The Peg-It

The original Peg-It provides a simple and easy way to peg fishing sinkers for flipping and split-shotting.  The soft yet durable rubber peg wedges inside the sinker pinning the sinker to the fishing line.  The Peg-It replaces toothpicks, which can damage line, and screw-in weights that tear and deform soft plastic baits.

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The Peg-II

The Peg-II has a thinner and longer tapered section than the original Peg-It to allow it to be easily inserted into longer sinkers and sinkers with small thru-holes.  Like the original Peg-It, the PEG-II replaces line-damaging toothpicks and bait-destroying screw-in-sinkers.

The Jumbo Peg-It

The Jumbo Peg-It is designed for large sinkers and sinkers with large thru-holes, but the unique and versatile shape allows it to be used with almost any sinker or bead.  The durable rubber Jumbo Peg-It wedges inside the sinker pegging the sinker to the fishing line to prevent the sinker from sliding.  The Jumbo Peg-It is the perfect tool for easily assembling flipping, split shot, drop shot, salmon egg, and other rigs.

The Bead Peg-It


The Bead Peg-It allows finesse anglers to peg their glass beads with a safe alternative to toothpicks to create split-shot and mini Carolina rigs.  After it has been pegged, the bead is fully adjustable on the line to easily change leader lengths.  


The Bead Peg-It is also available in disappearing clear and embryo red for salmon egg bead rigs.  In addition to giving the rig a more natural looking appearance, the red and clear Bead Peg-Its do not damage line like other pegging methods and allow the rig to be adjusted for the correct leader length.